Photo by  Paula Ospina

Photo by Paula Ospina

I have a love for storytelling with a strong interest in sports photography. I’ve held a photo internship at Sports Illustrated, an independent study with the Sporting News and will be interning at USA Today this summer in Virginia where I’m excited to further my learning from the accomplished minds of colleagues.

Before my time at RIT, I attended Towson University studying economics and marketing. After deciding that my interest in photography outweighed that of getting a degree in economics and marketing, RIT came into sight. After my father repeatedly said to do what you love, that's exactly what I did. I transferred to RIT to pursue a degree in Photojournalism.

I’ve recently completed my senior capstone project, an interactive e-pub about Getty Images photographer Al Bello. The e-pub focuses on his work from the past 11 Olympics and will include interviews of Bello and his editors, behind the scenes footage and an inside look at his full-takes from Rio.

My long-term goal is to join a team of visual storytellers at a wire service or news publication. Whether serving as an editor or photographer, I am confident I will be able to thrive in the fast-paced environment while also maintaining the dignity of the creative process.

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