NYC Trip Day 5

Time at Sports Illustrated:

Brad Smith, Director of Photography, spoke with us about the magazine, photographers and editors and how they all work together to choose the content that goes in the magazine(where all photographers want their images published), viewfinder(online photo gallery) and all social media accounts(Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler, etc.). Football is 85% of what they put into the magazine because that is what their readers want. Baseball and Basketball come in as a second priority and then the rest of the sports fill in the rest of the spots. When it comes to choosing photos, the image has to relate to the story or article. You can have an amazing image but not be selected for the magazine. They will most likely use it on another platform such as Viewfinder or the Instagram account but everyone wants to make it into the magazine. Ideas and stories are made before even calling photographers so there isn’t much say for photographers. The amount of words in the magazine dictates how many pictures will be included.

Criteria in Hiring:

  • Where do you live?
  • Can you do quality work? Do I want to work with you?
  • “Are you a pain in the ass?"

Location is a lot more important now-a-days. Being located in New York is not necessary anymore and it might actually be a bad idea unless you’re to be a photo editor, then yes, you might want to be in New York. Obviously, having good quality work to show will prove that you are capable of getting the job done. There are so many people out there that want to shoot for Sports Illustrated that if you’re hard to work with, then they are going to go with someone else so make sure you’re easy to get in contact with, are just generally a nice person and don’t burn any bridges.

When applying include:

  • Recommendations/Referrals
  • Represent who you are in your work
  • Be happy with having to shoot where you’re located
  • Freelance


  • 4 every year, 2 in the Summer, 1 in each the fall and spring
  • Work on captions
  • Research on stories or subjects
  • Possibility to shoot games 

Time at Open Society Foundation:

Maggie Solday walked us through the galley that they just had on Wednesday, Oct 21. She went over each photographer and how they were selected to be hung up at the gallery. Submitting an application to Maggie you have to have the basic things like a cover letter, resume and portfolio but you also need to have a pitch on a story that you’re interested in doing. People submit from all over the world and most of the stories that people get accepted for are ideas that are not in the news. Things that happen in little towns and are not broadcasted on T.V.

Ambulance en route in Manhattan, N.Y. on Oct. 23, 2015.

Ambulance en route in Manhattan, N.Y. on Oct. 23, 2015.