Al Bello in motion

Sunday I had the opportunity to interview the Michael Jordan of sports photography, Al Bello. After sitting through 2 hours of questions and talking about his images, we did a video portrait. Take a look, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Luckily enough, Al has agreed to let me do my senior capstone project on him. I will be editing through all 10 of the Olympics that he's covered, as well as his 11th that he will be covering this summer in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. I plan to put together an e-pub that will showcase not only his amazing imagery but also giving you an inside look as to how Al's eye actually works; from guiding you through his full takes from his time in Rio, to Al talking about his images and the stories behind them, to him giving advice to aspiring sports photographers. And that's just naming a few. There is a bunch more to come so stay tuned!